Supporting supporters!

On this page, I would like to express my gratitude and support for some of the people (and their business/non-profit/art) who support this video series and who do amazing work themselves. Please check them out!

Miriam Blaich of no-mimikri and Berlin Quilter

Carolyn Nesmith Capp

Dianne Couts of MK Safety Net

Lisa Goldfarb of Pet Fine Art and Lisa Goldfarb: Contemporary Fauvist

Jessica Gould

Hollie Greer

Anne Hanson and David Whitfield of Knitspot

Shary Kroeker Hauber of MK Safety Net

Zach Hochkeppel and Caitlin Mia Cassaro of Extreme Kids & Crew

Photographer Zoë Noble and writer James Glazebrook of überlin

Filmmaker, actor and author Jason Nunes

Ellie and Jim Snapp


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