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MIN_129 Schloss Charlottenburg Outside

Schloss Charlottenburg Palace (Outside) – In A Berlin Minute (Week 129)

The Schloss Charlottenburg (English: Charlottenburg Palace) is the largest palace in Berlin and was originally commissioned by Sophie Charlotte, the wife of Friedrich III (later known as King Friedrich I) in the late 17th century,…

MIN_Week 65 Sanssouci Berlin

Sanssouci – In A Berlin Minute (Week 65)

Sanssouci Park is a vast park in Potsdam, just outside of Berlin. It contains several castles, most famously Sanssouci Castle (Schloss Sanssouci) – the summer residence of Frederick the Great (aka Friedrich der Grosse), the king of Prussia…

MIN_130 Schloss Charlottenburg Inside TN

Inside Schloss Charlottenburg Palace – In A Berlin Minute (Week 130)

After showing you the exterior of the Charlottenburg Palace last week, today I’d like to take you inside. The opulence and details are quite overwhelming. To bring some of this across I cut parts of…

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