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MIN_Week 13_Naturkunde_Museum_wm_s

Museum für Naturkunde – In A Berlin Minute (Week 13)

Das Museum für Naturkunde Berlin… how is your German coming along? That’s right, it’s the natural history museum of Berlin. On Sunday, Scott, Judith and I decided to do something different for a change…

MIN_133 Strasse des 17 Juni_s

Strasse des 17. Juni – In A Berlin Minute (Week 133)

Strasse des 17. Juni (17th of June Street) is a large avenue through the heart of Berlin. It starts in the East at the Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate), runs through Tiergarten (animal park), passing…

MIN_Week 52_Mitte_Berlin

Tschüß Mitte – In A Berlin Minute (Week 52)

After 52 weeks (one entire year!) it’s time to say goodbye again – but not quite yet to all of Berlin (although it was a close call). We’ve decided to stay on a…


Siegessäule (Victory Column – Goldelse) – In A Berlin Minute (Week 120)

Siegessäule (Victory Column) and especially the Viktoria Statue on top, which Berliners like to call Goldelse is one of the outstanding landmarks in Berlin and should be on everyone’s must-see list. It’s located inside…

MIN_118 Tiergarten path_s

Tiergarten – In A Berlin Minute (Week 118)

Tiergarten – In A Berlin Minute (Week 118) from Luci Westphal on Vimeo. Tiergarten (animal garden) is a large park in the center of Berlin. It was first established as the king’s hunting grounds…

Spree River Boat Tour – In A Berlin Minute (Week 11)

A Spree river boat tour is the fastest, most relaxed and coolest way (during this heatwave, especially) to see the historic downtown buildings and the ultra modern government district. It took me years…

MIN_Week 37_Maueropfer

Maueropfer / Wall Victims – In A Berlin Minute (Week 37)

From 1961 until 1989, at least 136 people died directly because of the Berlin Wall and border area. These people are referred to as “Todesopfer der Berliner Mauer” or just “Maueropfer” (wall victims). There are disputes as…

MIN_Week 43_Berlin-Angels_webpic

Berlin Angels – In A Berlin Minute (Week 43)

There are angels all over Berlin. For this video I concentrated only on Berlin angels found in cemeteries. The inspiration for this video comes from three places: The first inspiration is the song…

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