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Ostalgie: Intershop 2000 – In A Berlin Minute (Week 140)

The Intershop 2000 in Friedrichshain (Danneckerstrasse 8) is both a small museum and a shop featuring everyday times from the days of East Germany. It might be the best place in Berlin for you to…

MIN_Week 17_Mauerpark-flea-market

Mauerpark Flea Market – In A Berlin Minute (Week 17)

Supposedly there are forty flea markets in Berlin every week – one of the biggest is the Sunday market at Mauerpark (Wall Park), which is a lively park located in an area that once was…

MIN_Week 34_ChristmasMarket_web

Christmas Market – In A Berlin Minute (Week 34)

The Christmas Market (Weihnachtsmarkt) around Alexanderplatz offers all the usual gifts, foods and atmosphere… and a few more surprising thrills… Happy Holidays, Everyone! – Luci The music featured are two different versions of “Jingle Bells”…

MIN_Week 66 Dong Xuan_heads

Dong Xuan Center Asian Market – In A Berlin Minute (Week 66)

In Berlin’s Dong Xuan Center around 240 different shops and vendors (mostly from Vietnam) offer a fascinating mix of clothes, jewelry, toilet seats, Dollar Store wares, Asian groceries and magazines, bulletin boards, restaurants, hair and…

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