Big Thompson Canyon Winter Drive – In A Colorado Minute (Week 249)

What makes the Colorado winter so beautiful is the combination of clear blue skies, sunshine and snow – and, of course, the Rocky Mountains. A comfortable way to experience this perfect winter setting is by driving through one of the many Rocky Mountain canyon roads while listening to music.

So this week, I’d like to share with you a 1-minute impression of such a winter drive: taking the Big Thompson Canyon Highway (aka Highway 34) heading east from Estes Park towards Loveland, Colorado… at 3 times the actual driving speed.

This video was shot spontaneously and handheld from inside the car with my new Sony RX 100 III on our way back from a surprise anniversary mini-vacation at the Stanley Hotel a few weeks ago. So please excuse the dirt on the window and the slight bumpiness. If you want to see a smoother ride, please check out the video Big Thompson Canyon Drive – In A Colorado Minute (Week 238). That one I shot with a GoPro mounted on the hood of our car driving west in the autumn. Also, you can check out the awesome hotel that inspired Stephen King’s The Shinning here: The Stanley Hotel – In A Colorado Minute (Week 245)

Last but not least, if you want to see more from this specific drive… I plan to upload a full version of what I shot later and add a link for it to this page.

The song in this video is called “Chasin’ It” and was written and performed by Jason Shaw, who made this song available via the CC BY 3.0 license. Thank you, Jason!

This coming week is the 250th continuous week of the Moving Postcard video series. I’m working on something special to share with you next Thursday…

MIN 249_Thompson Canyon winter 6_wm_s


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