Pigeons of the World – In A Brooklyn Minute (Week 111)

Pigeons of the world, unite! Or maybe, better not! Pigeons are everywhere! That’s what I’ve learned in the two years of traveling down the street and across the ocean to bring you 1-minute videos from around the world. You always hear that no matter where you travel to, you’ll meet some Germans. But I know for a fact I saw more pigeons…

This week, I’d like to present you with some of the pigeons (and doves, which are also a kind of pigeon) I met throughout the world… some of them just this week.

I did not catch any of the domesticated roof top pigeons that show their beautiful dance following their owner’s waving hand – also I avoided the victims of car tires and the one-legged pigeons. However, I did include a wide shot of an unusual pigeon death under the Unisphere in Queens. I have some more detailed close-ups of that – but I’ll spare you.

The pigeon-head-bopping music is by none other than Jason Matherne and is called “Super Omega”. Thanks, Jason.

MIN_111 Pigeons_Thailand_s


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