Prospect Ponds (Fort Collins) – In A Colorado Minute (Week 278)

The Prospect Ponds Natural Area in Fort Collins, Colorado, is part of the Cache la Poudre River Corridor and features several ponds, trails and wildlife – and of course, it has the Cache la Poudre River running through it.

My two favorite parts about the Prospect Ponds Natural Area are the visual play between the ponds and the river (one or the other is often seen in the background) and its location along the Poudre Trail, which connects to the Spring Creek Trail by my house. The network of bike-friendly trails throughout Fort Collins, which connect all corners of the town while at the same time giving you the impression that you’re riding more through nature and rather than a town, is one of my favorite aspects of Fort Collins (the other being Horsetooth Reservoir, naturally).

When I shot this yesterday, the sky was unusually grey while it was still hot and bright. I’m not sure if that was a normal weather occurrence or if it was linked to the smoke and haze that’s been traveling over from the West Coast due to all the wildfires there.

As you watch this Moving Postcard, I’m sure you’ll spot the heron… but did you see the fish jumping? Yes, fishing is allowed in the ponds and sections of the river and the canal. Oh, but don’t litter. I’m always so bummed to find garbage left behind in nature. What are you people thinking? Mommy will come up and clean after you? Or do you just not care that the nature you just enjoyed was left less healthy and beautiful by your action?

The song in this week’s video is “Happy Strummin'” by Jason Shaw. He has made this and many other lovely tunes available via a CC BY 3.0 license on his website Audionautix. Thank you so much for your creativity and generosity, Jason!

MIN 278_Prospect Ponds_s


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