Silvester / New Year’s Eve 2011 – In A Berlin Minute (Week 36 Bonus Clip)

The most exciting way to spend New Year’s Eve must be to join the masses celebrating with fireworks, drinks and friends out on the streets of Berlin (or other major German cities). Because fireworks and public drinking are legal, it’s one huge street party. Many people who have grown up with this, by now find the streets, where everyone could be (accidentally) pointing live fireworks at you at any moment, a bit too dangerous, loud and obnoxious – and prefer to stay home. Well, you could always watch from one of Berlin’s many balconies.

The following video I made specifically for all of you who have been so awesome to read my blog and watch my videos and encourage my little creative endeavors through your comments. Thank you so much!

This is not the regular In A Berlin Minute Video for week 36 – that one I still need to edit and will probably upload on Friday.

This greeting from the streets of Mitte, Berlin, where Scott and I took a midnight stroll amongst the fireworks on New Year’s Eve, is ESPECIALLY FOR YOU!

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and productive 2011!
Let’s be creative and kind. 

– Luci 

 MIN_Week 36_Bonus_Silvester-CC_s
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