Trinidad de Cuba (Cuba) – In Another Minute (Week 313)

Trinidad de Cuba is a picturesque town on the Caribbean coast of central Cuba.

Since 1988, the entire town of Trinidad de Cuba has been a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s only a 15-minute Classic Car Taxi ride away from the beach Playa Ancón, where you can swim, snorkel, fish and sip cocktails on the beach to your heart’s delight. With that combination, Trinidad de Cuba and Playa Ancón were Scott’s and my natural choice as the “other place besides Havana” to visit during our first trip to Cuba.

Trinidad de Cuba was one of the original seven villages of Cuba, established by Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar in 1514. Its boom happened during the height of the local sugar industry in the early to mid 1800s. During this time, most of the beautiful colonial residences and churches were built along the cobblestone streets. These buildings are the main reason Trinidad is considered an outdoor museum, especially around Plaza Mayor.

But I’m sure I’m not the only one who felt more drawn to the colorful side streets where neighbors, school children, dogs and horses follow their everyday life without (hopefully) too much disturbance from all the tourists flocking to the more official attractions. I’m grateful to the Lonely Planet Cuba book, which offered a map with some of the more photogenic side streets away from the Plaza.

Because we tried to catch the Trinidad Bus that is supposed to connect Trinidad with Playa Ancón, Parque el Cubano and La Boca for only 4 CUC a day, I didn’t get to see everything and didn’t stick around for a night at the Casa Musica. However, that bus didn’t show up anyway. Probably because it doesn’t exist and is just a Lonely Planet myth. At least, I never got to see it – despite waiting for it on three different occasions for an hour each.

We did however enjoy a few Cristal beers Ruinas del Teatro Brunet (in the video) and Bodeguita Fando Brothers. Mmm cerveza frio!

To make a video only 1 minute long and for it not to be cut too fast, I could only include very few images of what I shot in Trinidad de Cuba. There may be a longer version of this video in the future – that will be up to my supporters’ votes on Patreon. If you would like to vote on upcoming videos and receive exclusive content, please become a supporter of this series on

My original plan was to also visit the Valle de los Ingenios with its abandoned sugar refineries. But then I figured out that with the limited time I had, I would only get to see the restored plantation homes (full-on tourist attractions) and not be able to freely roam the area to seek out truly abandoned buildings. So I opted for an exploration of the fishing village La Boca instead. I will share that video in the future… And I sincerely hope, I’ll get to visit Cuba again to see even more…


Trinidad_de_Cuba_MIN 313_s

The song in the video is “El Perro Loco” by Bruno Bassi of Los Hermanos, which I discovered via the royalty-free music website Their collection is available via a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

Look at more photos of Trinidad de Cuba on my personal blog and on Flickr.

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  1. Hi there, we’ve find a video with a free gosoundtrack song and it was great! then we’ve checked out your youtube channel and website. We really want to tell you that your work is just amazing and the “moving postcard” project is really interesting.

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    • Hi Marco!
      Thank you so much for you kind words about my videos. I’m so happy you like them, especially because I like what you are doing and because I used music from your site. I am so glad I discovered gosoundtrack! It’s a fantastic website. Thank you for making great music available for people to use with their videos!
      Please tell me if I gave correct credit for the song in the video and the post for it. I wasn’t quite sure if I should name Bruno Bassi or Los Hermanos as the creator. I’m aiming to finish a new video today (again from Cuba) and will probably use another song from that selection. So I want to make sure I give the correct credit and links.
      Thank you also for the offer of writing a custom theme for the opening of my videos. Because my videos are so extremely short, I keep the opening at just 2 seconds. It probably doesn’t make sense to have a 2-second musical blip before the video’s music starts.
      But I will certainly keep returning to your website a lot to find songs for my videos. I make a 1-minute video every week and will be editing one longer video once a month. So I need a lot of music! 😉 And I will keep spreading the word about your great site. I assume custom music isn’t free. I’ll be in touch with you about pricing whenever I need something specific.
      Again, thank you so much for your work and your communication!
      Best wishes,

  2. Wow. Excellent. I just saw your Malecón minute (very nice), commenting that all it needed was cha-cha. Nice music here, too! I also spent time a few weeks ago in Trinidad, so followed your link from the Malecón vid. (I couldn’t edit a type; meant to say I enjoyed the same view from the Nacional.) Anyhow, this is perfect; I’m kicking myself I didn’t take more videos, but you’ve already done this! Gracias!
    And I agree, the time I was there was very rainy, so Plaza Mayor was drenched, though still pretty, and when the sun poked out exploring the side streets of stone and colors was really an amazing experience. Thanks again, enjoyed both and will now quietly take a look at your Vedado Vid, and know it will be great. Happy travels.

    • Thank you so much for checking out another one of my Cuba videos, Dr. Mike. Don’t kick yourself for not shooting more video. On the contrary: savor the fact that you were “in the moment” a lot more than I was. One of the reasons why I fairly recently stopped making these weekly videos is because it takes so much time to shoot video – especially when you try to get level shots on a tripod. It’s much nicer to just take a photo and then enjoy being in the place and not worry about video.
      I think it would be very fascinating to see Trinidad in a downpour – but even better to see all the colors right after when the sun shines on the wet streets. What a great experience! Thank you for sharing!
      xx Luci

  3. Hi nice video well done did you know that the three crosses was where the slave auctions were held and the ones that did not sell were crucified there, it is very sad every time i see them.

    I am back next week and it is carnival time and i will visit the crosses again because i buy fresh coconuts from one of the houses there.

    Thank you again

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