2013 Highlights – Other Countries – In Another Minute (Week 191 – I)

This one-minute video shows you 2013 highlights from all the Moving Postcard videos I shot in other countries than Germany and the USA.

For the last video of 2013, I had planned to make a 1-minute video comprised of favorite shots from all the 2013 videos. Well, it turned out that selecting just 24 shots or less selected from 52 different one-minute videos was the kind of challenge that begged for a different idea. So instead of just one video, I decided to make three videos for you this week, featuring highlights from Germany (In A Berlin Minute) videos, the United States of America (In A Brooklyn Minute and In A Colorado Minute) and from other countries (In Another Minute). I will release these videos throughout this week.

The places featured in this “2013 Best of In Another Minute” video are:

Rio de Janeiro – In A Brazil Minute (Week 147)

Salvador (Carnaval / Carnival) – In A Brazil Minute (Week 149)

Coastal Paradise: Ilha Grande + Paraty – In A Brazil Minute (Week 148)

Manchester, England – In A Berlin Minute (Week 137)*

Szczecin (Stettin), Poland – In A Berlin Minute (Week 168)

Mallorca Island, Spain – In A Berlin Minute (Week 156)

The music in this video is a brand new instrumental version of “Sitting Still” by Jason Matherne of Goonygoogoo Productions, who has provided most of the music this year. Thank you, Jason, you seriously rock!

And now a special thank you to all my friends who hosted me this year across the world: Thank you so much, Stevie, Jessica, Bine, Gilly and GJ! I’m so grateful to have you as my friends.

The one-minute video featuring highlights from all the 2013 In A Berlin Minute video will come next..

* The Manchester video I actually shot in 2012. But because it was in December and in my own life it fits more with all that happened in 2013, I decided to include it here.

MIN_191 2013 Highlights - Other Countries_s

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