Brooklyn Bridge Park – In A Brooklyn Minute (Week 167)

Brooklyn Bridge Park along the East River, stretching from the Manhattan Bridge in the North to Pier 6 in the South, had become one of my favorite places in Brooklyn as they were still in the building phase.

I was excited to see it all finished this summer when I returned to Brooklyn. However, it appears that Hurricane Sandy did some damage and instead of everything being finished, special places like the spiral into the water are actually not accessible or gone now. I was also disappointed to realize at the end of the evening that Bark had closed its doors so I couldn’t meet my friends for beer, hot dogs and the magnificent sunset there. Fortunately I had already done that last year and you can watch the video: Sunset Time Lapse – In A Brooklyn Minute (Week 115)

But now there are grills! So next time we’ll just bring our own stuff and BBQ on the East River. Can’t wait. Um, also, my apologies to the people whom I’m featuring in the last shot. I don’t actually know them and didn’t ask permission to use the shot. I wasn’t going to at first – but it ended up looking like the perfect finish to a lovely hot NYC day: grilling with friends in Brooklyn by the river and Manhattan blurry behind you.

The song is “You Know It’s Hella Kool” by The Mirrors. I thought the lyrics fit quite perfectly. If you don’t live in Germany, you can get the song via Grooveshark.

A special thank you to one of my dearest friends, Jessica Gould, who inspired me to come to NYC at this time to see Camera Obscura with her and our friend John Jasek in Central Park while she was visiting from Brazil, and who tagged along for this walk’n’shoot. Love you, Lady.

MIN_167 Brooklyn Bridge Park_s

You can look at more photos from this video shoot on my personal blog: Photos of Brooklyn Bridge Park

Check out what Brooklyn Bridge Park looks like 5 years later in this post for Happier Place, featuring photos I took in September 2018: On The Post-Industrial Waterfront: Brooklyn Bridge Park (Brooklyn, NY)

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