Cabo Sunrise (Mexico) – In Another Minute (Week 306)

A Cabo sunrise looks even more special if you watch it from Medano Beach with a view of the Land’s End rocks towering out of the water just to the right of the rising sun.

This past week, we went on a short trip to Cabo San Lucas at the southern tip of Baja California Peninsula in Mexico. On the first morning, I got to see (and film) the sun rise out of the Sea of Cortez – slowly lighting up, and thus revealing, Land’s End. Because it was our first morning in Cabo San Lucas, I felt extremely lucky that I managed to set the camera up in a way that actually showed the sun in frame once it came up – even though I couldn’t be sure exactly where it would rise in the dark.

Conveniently, we stayed at the lovely Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos Beach Resort right on Medano Beach, which allowed us amazing views of Land’s End every day. The only thing missing from our previous trip to Cabo, when we stayed in San José del Cabo.

This Cabo sunrise was the beginning of Scott’s birthday, and proved to be a sign of a perfect day to come. I will share more of that day and the entire Los Cabos trip next week.

A little insider information: Scott was on a fishing boat heading out into the Pacific during the Cabo sunrise. This means that he is on one of the boats you see entering frame from the right and going around the tip of Land’s End before disappearing behind the rocks and heading out into the open sea.

One of the unique things about Cabo San Lucas is that it straddles Baja California, with the Sea of Cortez on the east side and the Pacific Ocean on the west side. So not only did we get to watch the sun rise out of the water in the morning of Scott’s birthday, we also got to see the sun set in the Pacific from another beach that same day – without ever leaving the area! Amazing, right? Well, I’ll show you that sunset next week… and whales in the Pacific and Lovers Beach and The Arch and, and, and…

This week’s video features the instrumental version of the song “Memorized” by Josh Woodward. This song is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 US License. Thank you so much, Josh, for all your great and free (!!!) songs!

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