Colorado Sunset Time-Lapse – In A Colorado Minute (Week 341)

When you witness a perfect Colorado sunset reflecting on a lake with the Rocky Mountains separating sky from land and water… it makes your heart leap.

A few weeks ago, I caught such a colorful and rather dramatic sunset on camera, while filming at St. Vrain State Park. Traditionally with this video series, I’ve waited until the last week of being in a place to publish a sunset time-lapse video from the location. And I’ve been holding on to this one…

But with the dramatic change in the American political, social and cultural landscape that happened this week, I find this video of a Colorado sunset as fitting as if this had been my last week in Colorado or the USA. To me this week marks the end of an era.

We still have a few weeks before Donald Trump becomes president of the United States. (Is this really happening?) But the big change is already here: we have learned how many people in this country believe that a man, who has expressed his sexist, racist and ethnocentric views freely, can and should represent them in the world. I am personally in shock.

The sunset is a symbol for how many of us feel right now: something ended for us… and we don’t know what will come tomorrow. This person that is about to have the most significant influence over American and world politics, has not even clearly stated his policy ideas and strategies. We have a sense of his “values” (which are disturbing), but we don’t know yet how they will play into new laws and actions that will end up affecting us all…

Most of the people who watch my videos, probably don’t read the long posts I publish alongside with them. And that’s totally fine. Maybe in this case, it’s even better. The Colorado sunset is beautiful all on its own. My anxiety about our future due to what we learned this week is not beautiful at all. And I don’t really want to make anyone more miserable or scared than they already are.

For more pretty escapism, check out my video “St. Vrain State Park – In A Colorado Minute (Week 333)“.

The song featured in the video is “On The Shore” by Kevin MacLeod ( It’s licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License. Thank you, Kevin!

Colorado Sunset

You can purchase a print of this photograph here on my photography website.

I’ll be posting photos from different stages of this sunset throughout this week to the In A Colorado Minute 2016 Flickr album, on Google+ and Facebook.





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