Colorado Wildlife – In A Colorado Minute (Week 351)

Colorado wildlife is abundant! No surprise – with all the undisturbed nature around. What I did find surprising is the presence of pelicans, seagulls and antelopes – and to see prairie dogs right inside town.

This Colorado wildlife video is a compilation of footage I’ve collected over the last two years in Northern Colorado – somewhere in the vicinity of Fort Collins and Denver.

Animals seen in this video (in order of appearance): bison, antelope, elk (wapiti), mule deer, fox squirrel, chipmunk, black-tailed prairie dog, widow skimmer dragonfly, swallow tail butterfly, cabbage white butterfly, baby monarch butterflies (at least I think that’s what they are), cormorant, great blue heron, white pelican.

Some of the same animals (although not necessarily the same footage) have already shown up in other 1-minute videos. If you’d like to see more, check these out:

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There is definitely some classic Colorado wildlife missing. How is it I have yet to get footage of a rabbit? They’re everywhere! I’ve had some footage of bald eagles and ospreys – but in all the shots they were too far away to really impress. Also missing are mountain goats, mountain lions and bears. I haven’t filmed any in Colorado yet. And geese? They’re everywhere right now. But when you only have 1 minute, who has time for geese? Maybe the Patreon patrons will vote for me to make an extended video of Colorado wildlife. Then I may include some geese…

The music in this video is the instrumental version of the song “I’m Letting Go” by Josh Woodward. This song is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Thank you again and again, Josh!

What's up deer?

I’ll be posting a few photos of Colorado animals throughout this week to the In A Colorado Minute 2017 Flickr album, on Google+ and Facebook and there is now a picture post on my blog: Photos of Colorado Wildlife.






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