New York City Must-See (NYC In A Day) – In A Brooklyn Minute (Week 108)

What if you only have one day (or even just an afternoon) to explore New York City? This is the tour I would recommend: NYC In A Day!

When Margaret Briggs came up from Florida for the premiere of All’s Well and Fair it was her first time in NYC. Because the film premiere celebration (yay!!!) went rather late, we got a slow start the next day and actually didn’t get going until the later afternoon.

I made a mental must-see list and off we ran. This is what we managed to see and I would recommend for anyone who only has a day [not all would fit into the video]:

Brooklyn Promenade with Manhattan skyline + Statue of Liberty + Brooklyn Bridge + East River views

Street Food (Mango Flower!)

Walk across Brooklyn Bridge (w/ views of Empire State Building, Manhattan Bridge + Dumbo)

street acrobats

[City Hall]

[St. Paul’s Chapel]

[9/11 Firemen Memorial]

National 9/11 Memorial and World Trade Center seen from World Financial Center

Freedom Tower

Winter Garden (World Financial Center)

Hudson River

Statue of Liberty

[Mexico Festival]

[Fort Clinton]

Battery Park with sunset views over New Jersey

Subway Ride


Little Italy (with Cannoli)

Times Square

[Empire State Building lobby]

East Village (St. Marks Street)

street musicians + awesome kid dancer (my dad rocks!) on Astor Place

[Tibetan dinner at Tsampa]

[beers at Lolita in Lower East Side where a woman wore the Honey Badger Don’t Care shirt]

Yellow cab across the Manhattan Bridge back to Brooklyn

Phew. Yes our feet and legs were very sore the next day. We still made it to Prospect Park for some greenery and a glance at GoogaMooga before Margaret had to catch the plane home.

And if you have more a full day or 2, I’d definitely recommend going to the top of the Empire State Building, taking the Staten Island Ferry for a free ride past the Statue of Liberty and hopping on the subway out to Coney Island.

Of course, don’t forget to eat: an Everything Bagel, a pizza slice and a piece of cheesecake from Junior’s (Brooklyn) or Ferrara (Little Italy). Drinking cocktails at Angel Share, beer at Motor City or singing Karaoke at the Manhattan Inn are optional.

I hope you enjoyed: NYC In A Day… in a minute!

The soulful groovy song is called “Soulwalk” by The Mirrors (Jason Matherne’s band).

Check out the extended Moving Postcard video HERE.

NYC in a day_Times-Square

Since publishing this NYC in a day video, Margaret Briggs has also been featured in an episode of In A Minute Portrait: Meet Margo Briggs – In A Minute Portrait (Week 320)















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