The Narrows, Poudre Canyon (Time Lapse) – In A Colorado Minute (Week 197)

The Poudre Canyon is a glacier-formed valley cut by the Cache la Poudre River through the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in Rocky Mountain National Park and Roosevelt National Forest just North West of Fort Collins, Colorado.

State Highway 14 runs through most of it, providing beautiful vistas of the river and the walls of the canyon, which for the most part are sloping forested hills, but get steep and dramatically close together during the section called The Narrows.

In this 1-minute video you see the section starting just before the Mishawaka music bar/restaurant and ending just after The Narrows – heading west. In a longer version of this video (going online tomorrow), you’ll be able to see a longer section and the reverse view heading east. I thought the view heading west was a bit more interesting because you get to see more of the ice and snow covered river on the right side of the street. However, during film of the reverse, less ice crystals got stuck on the camera so the view is a little clearer.

I shot this with a GoPro Hero 3 from the hood of our car. A big thanks to Peter Verchick of Flower Power Botanicals ( for letting me borrow the camera.

The featured song is “Half Boy Half Girl” by Jason Matherne of Goonygoogoo Productions ( Thank you, Jason!

The area at the end of this video is where we plan to go snowshoeing in a few days, which will most likely be the subject of the 198th 1-minute video I plan on publishing next Thursday.

Two more weeks after that will be the 200th week of 1-minute videos (some weeks had more than one video, so I think the 200th video already happened). I’m actually not sure what I should film for that milestone. Any suggestions? I’ll be happy to drive for a few hours for an extra special location… Maybe Mount Rushmore? Is the Grand Canyon too far?

What I do know already is that I’d like to feature the Poudre Canyon again during the summer time. It’s just such a beautiful place.

Poudre Canyon_tunnel

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