Plane, Bus, Still, Train – In A Berlin Minute (Week 1)

I’m a German from outside of Hamburg. Since I was a kid I wanted to live in New York City. For the last 11 years I did. I’ve always felt slightly misplaced everywhere – except for in NYC, where everyone seems to fit.

I’ve been proud to tell everyone I live in Brooklyn. This week I moved to Berlin.

I don’t know Berlin – I’m not even sure how much I know Germany anymore.

There must be tons of people from Brooklyn in Berlin (many of them German, too, I suppose) – they’re probably younger, hipper, more creative, more radical and certainly more tuned into what’s cutting edge. That’s cool. These are just my personal random impressions of life as a German New Yorker in Berlin.

Week 1: Arriving in Berlin (plane), sneaking off (bus) to my family’s home in the country near Hamburg (still), arriving in Berlin yet again (train).

Berlin to Hamburg Bus View

This is the very first In A Berlin Minute travel video. When I first made and published this video I had no idea how long this series would last and how big it would get…


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